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Circus Of Things
Collaborative platform for IoT designers and developers.
Publish, graph, map and log data
from any device, app or web.
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Oregon battery state
Oregon humidity
Oregon temperature
Recent Experiments
Thing: Python
WiFi Netspeed Monitor
Thing: NodeMCU
Report window state to the Dashboard with Arduino Nano and ESP01 module
Jaume Miralles
Thing: Arduino(Nano)+ESP01
Share and get connections from the community to physical devices, webs or apps with this account.
How it works
Relies on a REST API that lets you read values from other users while feeding yours for the others to read it.
Do I really need this?
Not really, but it would be nice having a portfolio of connections accessible in a social way... come on! you need it >:)
Who sees my signals?
Whoever you want. Signals might be shared in private or published for everyone.

Open source: We work around an open REST API to achieve all the features. Experiments, libraries and example code are all accessible to edit, use and improve.

Simple: The design is based on handling one concept (Signal) with just two REST API commands.

Participative: All feedback, from bug reporting to suggestions to code is welcome! You can also make a post or video to show us your experiment. You can create new libraries to help others to connect.

All this publications will help you to share your skills and solutions.

Accessible: The platform is completely free, within reasonable and practical limitations.

Private: You, the user, own your data and not some remote corporations (through the "big data" catch line).

Secure: All connections are encrypted, based on SSL. Communication libraries usually handle this part in a transparent way for the user.

Free service

Having a full featured account at Circus is free and will forever be. For us, this is a major pride.

As we don't have unlimited resources, at the moment there is a limitation on 10 signals per user. However, if you like this platform and would like to have more, please let us know.

We shall also do our best to help public educational organizations, NGO, any kind of organization that help others, or anybody with special needs. Contact us

On the other hand, if you can help, please consider our reasons for donating

Your data

Your personal data is yours and it won't be released to third parties, and also not to any automatic profiling algorithm.

The site is not bound nor run by any of the big network corporations. The site is based in Spain, in the European Union. The hosting servers are also physically located in Spain.

The reported (payload) data made public through the platform may be used anonymously for statistical, research, and commercial purposes only in bulk and without the possibility to link the data to a particular user or application.

Why this site

Let's say that you want to access measuring data remotely. Maybe as simple an application as reading the temperature at your home and determine whether heating or cooling devices should be connected or their setpoints changed. Today there are dozens of products and sites that offer that functionality, but under the strict condition that you access the data through their site and manually from your mobile device. Automated access from a PC? Not allowed! Sharing data within a research project? Not possible! You want to make public for the community weather readings outside official channels? Forget it!

On Circus of Things you can write whatever signal data you want on a remote platform with simple, standard Internet tools and access that data with the same simple and standard Internet tools. Manual mode on a handheld smart device or automated readings from your PC? You make the choice, not somebody else.

Get involved!

Share your signals with the community

Let us know if you made a library for a new device. Contact us

If you made a tutorial or experiment we may post it here. Contact us

Help us participating in the developers group at FB. Contact us

Support us with your donation.

About us

Circus Of Things is an open-source IoT community platform for data logging and remote data exchange.

Circus of Things can be used for developing, education, social purposes and business.

Feel free to use this tool to manage your data on a remote platform and connect with other users in the community.

Jaume Miralles
Mallorca, Spain.
Founder Circus of Things

Circus Of Things started with a sheet of paper and a pen from the scratch. This miracle is sustained by non paid high qualified professional's time and still we have periodical expenses like server hosting and similar external services.

We are doing our best to make it last but if you have the chance to help us please do it, for us, for those who can't help us, and for you having the chance to enjoy this platform.

Whatever you do: thanks!