Create a free account and define your signals
Feed these signals from your "thing" with a simple API
Your signal is an output to the world, signals from users are inputs for you


Share and get connections from the community to physical devices, webs or apps with this account.

How it works

Relies on a REST API that lets you read values from other users while feeding yours for the others to read it.

Do I really need this?

Not really, but it would be nice having a portfolio of connections accessible in a social way... come on! you need it >:)

Who can get my signals?

Whoever you want. Signals might be shared in private or published for everyone.

Some ideas about what to do with it...
Connect two devices
Feed a signal, let it be read by another user or by yourself and trigger some action with it.
For instance, with an Arduino Nano: Publish Your Arduino Data to the Cloud
Single connection
... also report states
Use it in the other direction to report states.
Report state
... use it as a broadcast signal
Your signal may be an input for more than one friend.
Do collaborative projects
Use this as a collaborative network in which you can gather user's data to do a bigger thing.
Find new data
People is awesome, maybe they have what you need or give you new ideas.
Keep the rhythm among users in a distributed project.
You can track movement on a map or gather located data for SIG systems.